The most prominent graffiti artist in the Syrian revolution

Azair Al-Asmar is the most prominent graffiti painters in Syria. Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in 2011 until today Al-Asmar has graffiti on the most prominent political and humanitarian turning points in Syria.

This graffiti was made in 13 July 2017 in solidarity with the Syrian refugees in Lebanon who are under pressure from the pro-Assad Lebanese government. It’s hard to count Al-Asmar’s work

This graffiti says the Syrian revolution continues

Neighborhood children used to gather around Asmar. The colors he uses open up the appetite of children, and he usually welcomes them to work with him and let them draw what they like.

This graffiti is designed in solidarity with the city of Raqqa, eastern Syria, which was suffering from the rule of a jihadist faction

This graffiti says revolution is thought and thought does not kill