the Syrian White Helmets

The Syrian Civil Defense, known as the White Helmets, are Syria’s superheroes and the most successful volunteer group born during the Syrian revolution that erupted against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in early 2011.

With the escalation of violence the forces loyal to Assad and its allies Iran and Russia turned to attack the rebel-held area in daily basis. The White Helmets was active effectively to save civilians from daily attacks. (photo in 10 March 2018)

The group, which consists of 3,000 volunteers, lost dozens of heroes volunteers while they were saving civilians.

As a humanitarian group, White Helmets used to participate in gatherings in solidarity with cities that are being attacked by the pro-Assad forces and their allies. (photos in 16 March 2018)

In late 2018, the group celebrated its founding by sending most of its crews to the city of Afrin north of Aleppo province to restore life to the city and try to rehabilitate public service roads. (Photos in 1 August 2018)

The Syrian war has killed about 350,000 Syrians and displaced about 12 million Syrians inside and outside the country, according to the United Nations.