Oil refinery in Idlib, northern Syria

Locally called burners, it is a very dangerous and primitive method of refining and refining oil. (all photos were taken in 19 August 2017)

The Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab rebel forces backed by the US-led international coalition, is seizing oil fields in eastern Syria and selling some oil to rebels in the northern Syrian province of Idlib.

A fire is lit under large tanks containing oil to separate its components, which float one after the other.

The process produces a so dangerous toxic pollution that affects the surrounding population with serious diseases that sometimes develops into cancer.

The process also smells a very bad smell several kilometers away from the workshops, which are estimated to be dozens.

The fossilized oil is cleaned periodically from inside the tanks. Many workers died doing these cleaning jobs because of the poisonous gases.

It was the most prominent way to obtain oil derivatives for heating and cars.

However, it was found that cars that use this fuel constantly break down.

Many civilians were also killed after their fireplace exploded while were using this fuel.

Additional disasters included the equipment exploding while working, causing clouds of gas fill the sky of surrounding villages for days.

For the merchants who have practical workshops, it generates very large profits, so they are always happy, despite all the disasters related to work.

This story was reported to SMART News Agency